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Antoine Foundry maker making sand mould by hand in the workshop


Your personality is unique, your belt should be too !

The 3D bronze Billy Goat logo of MA BOUCLEIRE-BZH mounted on a leather belt

In my workshop located in ROCHEFORT-EN-TERRE at the heart of Brittany, FRANCE,

I'm not just a maker of any kind of belt buckles...


...but of THE BUCKLE!

The one you've imagined,

the one that resonates with you,

the one that reflects your identity like no other!

Send your ideas by text or with simple sketches, and let the Billy Goat from the Bouclerie bring your solid bronze belt buckle to life

Choose the authentic, the resilient,

and be proud of YOUR belt !

Antoine Foundry make pouring 2200°F molten bronze metal inside mould


LA BOUCLERIE, is your premier destination for custom solid bronze belt buckles, crafted with passion and expertise!

All buckles are intricately crafted in bas-relief amidst the flames

of the Foundry :

I create a high-definition sand mold by hand using traditional methods, then pour molten bronze into it at approximately 2200°F.

Once the buckle is cooled, there are a few finishing and assembly steps to produce a high-quality product.

Leveraging my expertise in digital sculpting, I transform your drawings and sketches into true works of art in bronze.

The custom creation process begins with a close collaboration with you, where I carefully listen to your ideas and inspirations. Using the latest 3D modeling technologies, I bring your concepts to life, paying meticulous attention to details and finishes.

Once you are satisfied with the digital model, the Foundry work can begin to manually shape your solid bronze belt buckle.

This harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge digital tools ensures that your custom creation is unique, reflecting your personal style with unparalleled precision and beauty!

Why Bronze?

Bronze is a metal that has stood the test of time, symbolizing elegance and durability. Our solid bronze belt buckles are not only functional accessories but also true works of art that withstand the test of time. Each piece will naturally develop a patina over time, imparting it with rustic and authentic beauty.

Each to Their Trade:

I am not a leatherworker, and I entrust the creation of the strap to the skilled local artisans in my village.

Feel free to involve them in your project or source a strap yourself.

(I sell the straps at a fair price, which is the artisan's price, not a penny more!)

Ah, and why the goat?

Well, it's a pun that works better in French...

You see, in French, "buckle" is "boucle,"

so for the joke, we named the workshop "La Bouclerie."


And what animal might live in "La Bouclerie"?

"Le bouc" ! (or "billy goat" in the language of Shakespeare)

Fun, isn't it ?



+33 752677243

Travail du métal à la main, ponçage et étincelles
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